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Managers must be able to build solid working relationships with employees. We don’t believe in policing employees but coaching employees to get the best results for the business.

Our coaching tactics are based on the following:

Development: Employees must receive guidance to ensure they execute the work to the best of the abilities.

Relationships: Managers must build good relationships with employees and be approachable at all times.

Accountability: Managers must provide constructive feedback to employees focussing on reinforcing good behaviour and to a lesser extent correcting bad behaviour in a respectful manner.

Results: Ditshego Media prides itself in delivering quality work and all employees should contribute to adding value to the company. This will in turn enable the company to also provide more incentives to employees and also further grow the business.

Enable: Ditshego Media must set employees up for success and also encourage creativity and not micro-manage employees but provide guidance to ensure employees are self-motivated and disciplined.